• Business
  • A Dedicated Professional per Excellence

    He is into the IT of a thing at the helm of affairs of Infranet. The ideas which he represents differs from the rest of his contemporaries in that he is incredibly creative with a vision that is in a soar away class of its own. He is a core professional with a bachelor’s degree […]

  • Education
  • Follow These Pointers to Enjoy Your Life

    Life is a very fragile yet important thing, and it is crucial not to have trivial things come in the way of how you spend your time. All human beings have a fundamental similarity, we wish to have happy and productive lives, and this will come regardless of age. Now the question is how to […]

  • Education
  • The Death of Rhymes

    More and more parents are starting to opt-out of teaching their children nursery rhymes. While they are great for learning vocabulary and literary devices, people are starting to see these nursery rhymes as outdated and even sinister. Below I discuss a couple of reasons why nursery rhymes might not be the go-to for early childhood […]