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  • A Dedicated Professional per Excellence

    He is into the IT of a thing at the helm of affairs of Infranet. The ideas which he represents differs from the rest of his contemporaries in that he is incredibly creative with a vision that is in a soar away class of its own. He is a core professional with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delhi.

    He Is Determined

    What sets Anand Mishra away from his contemporaries is his level of guts and determination. He possesses the right guts and a determination that is uncommon. He has succeeded in accomplishing many highly demanding tasks together with his team. He began as a software programmer in the industry before he founded Star Infranet in the year 2010. He was able to achieve recognition as a young entrepreneur and contributed to diverse achievements of his company.

    He Is A Genius

    His traits as a leader in the IT industry began as a teenager at the relatively young age of 17. At age 21, just after 4 years of his foray into the industry, he has started leading a startup. His company is set apart in a brilliant world of its own and accounts for the reason why it has become a well-known brand because of the high standards it has been able to achieve.

    His Profile Is Intimidating

    Looking into the Profile of Infranet; it can be seen that the company has achieved quite a lot within its short period of operation when compared to its competitors. The company has more than 4,000 dealers today in India and she has serviced many people. They have succeeded in bringing their internet portal to the next level

    This man is indeed a visionary who is always on the lookout for new challenges and he is very much open to brand new ideas.