Nursery Rhymes are Helping Children Learn

While some children might find it boring to start reading books initially, but like reading poems or rhymes. The rhymes are the first building blocks to enable a child to learn something. The rhymes are for building interest of the children in education and books. The nursery rhymes are making your children learn and grow mentally and physically. Some children face problems in memorizing things in early childhood. When the kids are guided properly to start repeating the rhymes, again and again, they start learning things quickly. The kids are able to grasp the meaning of the rhymes.

For some children, the rhymes might be boring. Parents are advised to repeat the rhymes like mary had a little lamb lyrics in some specific tone for the kids, to make their interest in the rhymes. Once the kids get going, they learn rhymes and other things quickly and with ease.

Views of Experts

The experts have mentioned quite often that the children who are able to learn the nursery rhymes in young age have more chances to be sharp minded, intelligent, and intellectual. The experts have given numerous reasons for this, some of the reasons are mentioned below in detail.

  • The engrossing children nursery rhymes are a way to put the child into the learning process. The rhymes are developing certain skills of children such as hearing, identification, manipulation of different sounds.
  • For the listening related skills, the phonics rhymes are the best source or the parents need to tune rhymes for their kids.
  • The nursery rhymes are like a playground offered to the children to practice their volume, language rhythm and pitch.
  • The voice practice will help your kids to improve their voice quality which may later help them to sing if they develop any interest in music. It is often said that children who sing at early ages are better singers.
  • The nursery rhymes are capable of expanding the imagination of your children. The rhymes have information about different things, which the children have not observed. Hence, they tend to think about those things and start creating their pictures within their mind. This in turn help them to develop their imaginative skills. A child with better imagination can learn more quickly than a child lacking this skill.
  • The rhymes are often based on some fiction story, historic event, or pets which follow a very clear and vibrant sequence. The children are able to pick the message in the rhyme very quickly and are enjoying the rhyme.
  • The nursery rhymes are the epic way of conveying history to children in a better way. The children are able to understand they rhymes, hence if historic events are written in rhymes, it would help children to be aware of their forefathers as well.
  • The nursery rhymes are the first sentence spoken by children. The sentences of the rhymes are very easy to repeat and the children are able to start speaking.
  • The rhymes are a great source of increasing the vocabulary of children.

When should Children be introduced to Nursery Rhymes?

The children should be introduced to the wonderful Christmas songs for kids as soon as they reach an age of 1. This will enable the children to develop their language skills very fast and be sharp and intelligent. Of course, the parents are the one who should be introduced the rhymes to children and start singing rhymes to the children so that they start learning.