The History Behind the best Rhymes over the Years

There have been numerous kids rhymes videos which got so much attention from both children and their parents. Some of the rhymes are written long years ago and are still the chartbusters. Some rhymes are so much liked that every single child has memorized. Some rhymes are sung by children while some are just read. Most of the children like the rhymes in a specific tone. Below are some of the most popular rhymes all through years.

The wheels on the bus

The wheels on the bus nursery songs for children is one the most popular rhyme all across the globe. The rhyme has been translated into many languages. The researchers agree that the rhyme plays a wonderful role in developing the communication skills in the children, and mastering them the playful surrounding while traveling in the bus. This is a playful way of making your child drop the fear of riding in a bus, and we are sure that after learning this rhyme, he will definitely observe the bus with a different view.

Yankee Doodle

The nursery rhyme song “Yankee Doodle” is a well-known Anglo-American song, the early versions of which date back to the Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution (1775–83). It is often sung patriotically in the United States today and is the state anthem of Connecticut. Its Roud Folk Song Index number is 4501.
The melody is thought to be much older than both the lyrics and the subject, going back to folk songs of numerous peoples of Medieval Europe.

The Jack & Jill

During the young age, everyone used to fool around rhyming the Jack & Jill lyrics. You must have tried to turn the lyrics of the rhyme a bit naughty. The most common theory about the poem is considered to revolve around the France Louis and his wife. Both were blamed and judged guilty of treachery. Both were hanged and killed. The story is not simple as it was assumed.

The London Bridge Falling Down

The rhyme is considered to be about the attacks of Vikings held in 1014. Some other theories state that the rhyme is about the child sacrifice and the descent of the old bridge. Some historians relate the rhyme to the destruction of London Bridge by the Olaf of Norway. But the most authentic history is considered to be the attack of Vikings. The tune of the rhyme is believed to be originated by the Vikings themselves.

Mary Quite Contrary

The rhyme Mary Mary quite contrary is also still famous. The historians believe that the rhyme is about the murderous psychopath. The rhyme depicts the image of the solicitation of gardening but in reality, the rhyme is regarding the homicidal nature of the queen Mary. The queen Mary was also believed to be Bloody Mary. The reign of Mary was considered to be reign of execution of thousands of Protestants. She had been using different things for torturing such as bells and rings.